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5 romance novels to spark *all* the feels this Valentine’s Day – National

5 romance novels to spark *all* the feels this Valentine’s Day - National
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It’s officially love month, which means it’s time to update your to-be-read pile with swoon-worthy plots.


If you’re looking to be swept off your feet (sans a Valentine), there’s no better way than diving into a cozy romance–especially one abundant in chemistry, heart-warming moments and sizzling scenes.

Read on for five page turners that are sure to spark *all* the feels this Valentine’s Day.


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What starts as a fleeting connection between two recent university graduates, Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew, soon becomes a deep bond that spans decades. After spending only one day together, Em and Dex never stop thinking about one another. Snapshots of their lives are revealed each year on the same day they met–July 15th–during which time, they experience personal highs and lows, all while grappling with the nature of life and love itself. This captivating romance delves into the lives of two individuals on divergent paths who are bound by love, offering laughter, tears and everything in between.

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A novel about two writers discovering their second chance at love, Eva Mercy and Shane Hall are successful novelists who meet unexpectedly at a literary event. Much to the surprise of their peers, the pair hit it off. What they don’t know is, fifteen years earlier, Eva and Shane spent one wildly passionate week in love, developing a chemistry that has fueled their writing ever since. Over the next seven days, the two reconnect amidst a hot summer in Brooklyn. But, before he disappears for a second time, Eva has questions for the man who broke her heart. Hilarious, romantic and steamy-as-hell, you won’t want to put this novel down.


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This delightful romp follows third-year Ph.D. candidate, Olive Smith. Unlike her best friend, Anh, Olive doesn’t believe in lasting romantic relationships. Yet, she attempts to fool her friend that she’s on the path to happily ever after, kissing the first man she sees–a young hotshot professor (and well-known ass), Adam Carlsen. Much to Olive’s surprise, Adam agrees to keep up the charade, and continues to surprise her with his unyielding support during a science conference gone awry that leaves her career in serious jeopardy. When the scientist finally puts her heart under the microscope, she makes some *interesting* observations.



Time travel, anyone? Now a popular Netflix series of the same name, this novel traces the double life of protagonist Claire Randall. Bound by marriage to Frank Randall, a scholarly Englishman, yet drawn to James Fraser, a courageous Scottish warrior from a different century, Claire finds herself torn between loyalty and longing. As she inexplicably travels back in time to war-torn Scotland, Claire becomes an ‘outlander,’ where she encounters a love so intense with James that it challenges all she once believed.

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After a decade apart, Macy Sorensen and Elliot Petropoulos, childhood sweethearts, unexpectedly reunite in this poignant novel. Macy, navigating a pragmatic existence, finds her carefully constructed world unraveling when faced with Elliot—the man who once captured her heart and then shattered it. Through alternating timelines, their journey unfolds from teenage friendship to adult estrangement, marked by love, loss and a decade-long silence. As they confront the ghosts of their past, Elliot seeks to understand Macy’s silence, reigniting the possibility of a love that transcends time and pain.


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