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APC Member, Olabode Olabisi’s House Attacked by Suspected Political Assailants

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APC Member, Olabode Olabisi’s House Attacked by Suspected Political Assailants

The residential home of renowned Journalist and APC political party member, Olabode Olabisi, has been attacked by yet-to-be-identified political thugs.

The attack took place on November 20, 2023, around 2 am in the middle of the night at his residence in Ogun state.


According to Mr. Makinde Jacob, a neighbor, and an eyewitness, he said that the masked mobs stole all vital documents belonging to Mr. Olabode Olabisi.

Below is the statement released by Mr. Jacobs to journalists:


My name is Jacob Makinde, and I am a tenant residing at No. 9, Bode Olabisi Street, Ogun State, Nigeria.

I am writing to report a disturbing incident that took place at our residence on November 20, 2023, at approximately 2 am. The incident involved a politically motivated attack and invasion by a group of masked armed men, numbering approximately seven.

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During the course of the attack, the assailants forcibly gained entry into my apartment by breaking the entrance door. Despite their presence, they did not steal any of my personal belongings. Instead, they demanded that I lead them to the apartment of Mr. Olabode Olabisi, another resident in the same building, which I complied with.

Upon reaching Mr. Olabisi’s apartment, it was discovered that he and his family were not at home. The assailants then interrogated me about Mr. Olabisi’s whereabouts and demanded information about his political membership ID cards and related documents. Despite my lack of knowledge regarding these documents or credentials, they proceeded to ransack Mr. Olabisi’s apartment and absconded with some relevant political documents.

I wish to emphasize that no valuable property or money was stolen from me during the incident. However, I was subjected to physical assault and torture by the attackers. Based on their inquiries and actions, I strongly believe that this was a politically motivated assault.

I informed the assailants that I had not been in contact with Mr. Olabisi or his family in recent times, and therefore, I could not provide information about their whereabouts.

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The incident concluded with the assailants leaving the premises at around 3 am.

I am submitting this statement to provide an official account of the events that transpired during the attack, with the hope that law enforcement authorities will conduct a thorough investigation into this matter.

I am willing to cooperate fully and provide any additional information or assistance required to ensure that those responsible for this attack are brought to justice.
Jacob Makinde”

Our journalist contacted the Nigeria Police Force in charge of the area, and they confirmed the incident but no arrest has been made so far. However, they assured that the investigation is ongoing to unravel those behind the attack.

Adedayo Oladipupo

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