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Conservative leader says eliminating trade barriers one way to help Okanagan wine industry – Okanagan

Conservative leader says eliminating trade barriers one way to help Okanagan wine industry - Okanagan
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Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre swung through the Okanagan on Friday afternoon, making a campaign-style stop in Penticton, B.C., while visiting two local businesses.


Asked why he was in the South Okanagan, Poilievre didn’t miss a chance to pitch his ‘Bring It Home’ message.

“Lots of local residents are saying that after eight years, (Justin) Trudeau and the NDP are not worth the cost and the crime, and they’re ready to bring home the Canada that we know and love.”


Click to play video: 'Poilievre blames Trudeau for ‘chaos’ in Canada’s immigration system'

Poilievre blames Trudeau for ‘chaos’ in Canada’s immigration system

Global News questioned Poilievre about the region’s fruit and wine industry, which has been ravaged by weather recently. What would he do to help if he became the nation’s leader?

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“We’re here to listen on what role the feds should play in helping protect this vital sector,” he said.

“One thing that’s obvious is we have to cancel the excise tax increase that’s hitting on April 1. And we need to knock down interprovincial trade barriers so that we can sell Okanagan wines seamlessly across the country in the years ahead.”

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He was also asked about convicted sex offender Taylor Dueck, a 29-year-old who allegedly assaulted an 11-year-old girl recently.

“The NDP and Liberals’ passed catch-and-release (laws) that allow the same repeat, violent and sexual offenders to get out on the street, within often hours of their arrest,” he claimed.

“And this caused a massive crime wave that swept the nation.”

Click to play video: 'Pierre Poilievre speaks at Vancouver Board of Trade event'

Pierre Poilievre speaks at Vancouver Board of Trade event

Poilievre said his jail-not-bail idea for repeat offenders would see mandatory prison sentences for child-sex criminals.

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“Basically, keep them in jail rather than having them go back out onto the streets to re-offend, over and over again.”

The Conservative leader also touched on B.C.’s drug scene, saying tax-funded drugs do not save lives, saying, “I’m going to stop giving our tax dollars to fund narcotics, and instead put that money into treatment and recovery to bring our loved ones home, drug-free.”

One recent poll says the Conservatives currently have a 19-point lead over the Liberals.

“If an election were held today, 43 per cent of committed voters would vote Conservatives with the Liberals at 24 per cent, the NDP at 18 per cent and the Greens at 4 per cent. The Bloc Quebecois is at 34 per cent in Quebec,” the poll said.

Another poll said roughly the same thing, with the Conservatives at 40 per cent, the Liberals at 23 per cent and the NDP at 21 per cent.

Click to play video: 'Trudeau says bill to protect kids from online harm is coming next week'

Trudeau says bill to protect kids from online harm is coming next week

However, that same poll asked respondents which party leader would make the best prime minister. Poilievre was first at 31 per cent, none of them was at 28 per cent with Trudeau in third at 17 per cent.

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Earlier Friday, Poilievre was in Vancouver, where he spoke at a board of trade event.

“My message to corporate Canada is that when I’m prime minister, if you want any of your policy agenda pushed forward, you’re going to have to convince not just me but the people of Canada that it is good for them,” Poilievre told the business crowd.

“When I’m prime minister, my… daily obsession will be about what is good for the working-class people of this country.”


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