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Escalating foodstuff prices may compound insecurity – Civil war veteran, Adoke warns Nigerian govt

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Civil war veteran, Captain Ahmed Adoke (rtd) has warned the federal government that the escalating foodstuff prices currently bitting hard in the nooks and crannies of the country may compound insecurity challenges unless it is quickly curbed.

He pleaded with the federal government not to toy with the situation but to positively rise and address the hunger before it gets out of hand to brew more insecurity.

Adoke a human right activist and public affair commentator, issued the warning in a press statement over the weekend.


In the statement titled “save the soul of Nigerians”, Adoke expressed concern over the astronomical rise in the prices of food stuff across the country and noted that government was not doing enough as expected to stem the tide.

The human rights activist who said that it was almost becoming impossible for Nigerian masses to afford meals on their table, warned that government must not treat the issue of hunger lightly, adding that leaders must note that a hungry man is an angry man.

Speaking further on what he described as the non-challant attitude of leaders to the current excruciating hardship across the country, Adoke urged those in government to consider the pitiable condition of the poor Nigerian masses who attend the same market with the rich and those in high positions.

While lamenting that in the past, government has functional price control committee or agencies used to ensure that manufacturers don’t arbitrarily hike the prices of items or commodities, he wondered why such agencies are no longer functional.

The human right activist also noted that since the official removal of fuel subsidy by the present administration, prices of items have jumped up at over 200% increase.

He noted with concern that the palliatives by government neither reached the masses nor cushioned the biting effects of subsidy removal.

He then called on the present administration in the country to review it’s economic policies to ameliorate the hardship being experienced by Nigerian masses.

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