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Eviction notices to tent encampments sent ‘in error’, city says

Eviction notices to tent encampments sent ‘in error’, city says
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It appears no one living in tent encampments in Guelph is being evicted — for now.


A series of notices from the city were distributed last week suggesting that anyone sleeping rough on city property will be removed within 12 hours.

One in particular was written by two support workers at Stepping Stone dated Feb. 8.


Coun. Linda Busuttil posted a notice on X wondering if the draft public space use by-law had already been enacted.

However, the city issued a news release on Friday saying the notices were distributed “in error”. They say the notices contained “misleading information”.

The City says there is a standard procedure that includes waiting three full days after a tent has been deemed to be abandoned before Bylaw staff remove the tent and other belongings and move them into storage for 30 days.

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They say Bylaw staff, in partnership with Stepping Stone, have visited the site to remove any remaining flyers and provide more information about how individuals can access temporary shelter.


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