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Fashion Roulette debuts on This Thing Called Fashion TV, promises viewers immersive experience

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Amidst the glittering lights and swirling excitement, the fashion world witnessed a momentous occasion as ‘Fashion Roulette,’ the latest sartorial sensation from This Thing Called Fashion TV made its debut at an exclusive launch party.

Spearheaded by Nonye Udeogu, owner of ‘This Thing Called Fashion’ fame, Fashion Roulette is a platform for all things fashion-related featuring the who is who in the fashion industry.

Udeogu said it is a platform where viewers can be immersed in the fashion style of their famous and classy fashion influencers as it goes behind the scenes to reveal their fashion decisions.


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“Fashion Roulette isn’t just another series; it’s an odyssey through the heart of haute couture, where every spin offers a chance to redefine glamour. At this momentous occasion, the esteemed fashion and beauty influencers, media mavens, and industry insiders had the privilege of witnessing this transformation first hand,” she enthused.

The launch, held on February 5, transcended the boundaries of a mere gathering, evolving into a confluence of style, substance, and the spectacular. As champagne flowed freely and cameras flashed incessantly, attendees found themselves on the cusp of a fashion revolution.

The first episode of the new TV series was previewed to the attendees who were stunned at the quality upon being granted an exclusive glimpse into the drama, designs, and dazzling creativity that ‘Fashion Roulette’ promises to deliver.

With familiar faces gracing the screens, their reactions became the true showstoppers of the evening, as each moment captured at the launch party is a snapshot of fashion history in the making, immortalizing the anticipation and excitement that enveloped the event.

The event saw the presence of prominent fashion figures and influencers like the former Guinness World Record holder for the Longest time cooking, Hilda Baci; skit maker and influencer, Kie-Kie; Kim Oprah; Tomike; Sunky O, and Styletitudebyada, solidifying the show’s connection to the fashion world’s elite.

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