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Women in trades recognized as Regina marks International Women’s Day

Women in trades recognized as Regina marks International Women’s Day
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Regina women are dominating the trades, proving that anyone can do the work regardless of their gender.


Pat Fayant grew up in a construction family. Her dad ran a construction company, but she said he never hired women.

In 1994, Fayant had the opportunity to be trained by a group of women in the trades. She accepted out of a desire to do the best for her family.


“At the time, I was a single mom, and I needed to have a fairly good paying job so I could stay independent and raise my children on my own,” said Fayant, who has been in the trades over 30 years. “After my dad passed away, I remember smelling sawdust, and that kind of stuff reminded me of him. I really wanted to experience the work.”

Phelycia Black went into construction about 10 years ago as an electrician, after being released from the military.

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“The work is satisfying because you start and finish an entire project,” Black said. “My job day-to-day is not the same… it’s not an office and I really need something that is hands on. Its gratifying being able to finish a project and see the end.”

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Black was a long-haul truck driver and had also applied to become a police officer, but it was construction that truly drew to a career.

“(The work) can be hard, it can be difficult, (especially) working in tight spaces and off of ladders. A lot of people have fear of heights. I have fear of heights, so that’s a big one,” she said. “But most of the time, we’re usually pretty good. We have safety protocols in place so that we don’t have issues.”

Tegan Geissler, a project manager with PCL Construction, said construction is a welcoming industry for anyone.

“I know there’s been a lot more women in the industry, even in the last probably 10 years since I started,” she said. “If you like working with your hands… there’s something literally for everyone in the construction industry.”

Geissler and her team are currently working on the YWCA Centre for Women and Families, which she enjoys.

“Getting to work on projects that will make a lasting impact in our community,” she said. “It’s going to be a great centre for women and families. And it will support and cross all different types of the community.”

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All three women encourage others to not be afraid to go out of their comfort zones and to learn new skills.

“We could do the job,” Fayant said. “I can’t picture myself sitting at a desk. I don’t think I could do a kind of job where I’m not actually moving around and doing something different every day. That’s the other thing I enjoy about this kind of work.”










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